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Keywords: atari; computer; ram; cpu; console; rom; figure; test; screen; pwr; pwr supp; power supply; ceramic axial; main main; data bus; computer console; cpu board; address bus; trace circuit; top cover
Downloads: 552 3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Atari for the Begining Beginner

Keywords: computer; program; atari; press; graphics; return; plot; print; type; color; memory unit; memo pad; atari computer; cartridge door; disk drive; type plot; high level; program recorder; graphics mode; language cartridge
Downloads: 60
[texts]Atari 800XL, The - A Practical Guide (1985)(Sybex)

Keywords: atari; computer; program; programs; color; disk; print; graphics; guide; type; inner loop; graphics mode; practical guide; rodnay zaks; disk drive; atari computer; advanced graphics; atari computers; program recorder; statement number
Downloads: 103
[texts]The Mastery Memory Map

Keywords: graphics; poke; screen; location; locations; bytes; byte; mode; color; memory; system reset; screen memory; graphics mode; bit chart; floating point; display list; character set; machine language; shadow register; graphics modes
Downloads: 152
[texts]Kids Working With Computers The Atari Basic Manual
Kids Working With Computers The Atari Basic Manual
Keywords: print; program; computer; plot; goto; color; type; input; command; screen; basic manual; type list; logo manual; print int; mode mode; childrens press
Downloads: 52
[texts]User's Guide to the Atari (1983)(Publications International)

Keywords: screen; atari; program; key; computer; cursor; press; software; programs; cartridge; memo pad; control key; return key; atari computer; basic cartridge; shift key; backup copy; arrow key; word processing; press return
Downloads: 115
[texts]Atari Software 1983 Winter Supplement
Atari Software 1983 Winter Supplement
Keywords: game; program; disk; graphics; documentation; rating; entertainment; error; hardware; handling; error handling; machine hardware; game concept; skill involved; game depth; visual appeal; vendor support; basic hardware; atari basic; real sports
Downloads: 58
[texts]101 Atari Computer Programming Tips & Tricks (ARCSoft Publishers)

Keywords: print; program; goto; drawto; computer; screen; input; listing; atari; sprint; random number; coding form; program listing; gee whiz; print sprint; atari computer; basic coding; screen clear; clear screen; rem screen
Downloads: 166
[texts]Inside Atari BASIC (1983)(Reston Publishing Company)

Keywords: print; color; graphics; return; goto; setcolor; poke; program; computer; colors; text window; return return; hello hello; return key; graphics modes; graphics mode; inverse video; atari computer; atari basic; boot error
Downloads: 87
[texts]Awesome Games for your Atari Computer (1984)(Addison-Wesley Publishers)

Keywords: return; gosub; position; refl; initialize; input; poke; goto; sosub; sound; galactic monsters; qui vive; mam program; initialize screen; posit ion; las vegas; execute explosion; kentucky derby; main program; move ship
Downloads: 88
[texts]Computers for Kids Atari Edition
Computers for Kids Atari Edition
Keywords: computer; program; print; color; graphics; programs; disk; plot; screen; type; disk drive; creative computing; computer games; graphics programs; basic computer; cassette tape; cassette recorder; memory space; computer rage; computer coin
Downloads: 62
[texts]Atari 400/800 Computer System Hardware Manual - November 1980 version
This version of the Atari 400/800 Hardware Manual is dated November 1980. This appears to be an early edition of the document meant for in-house use at Atari, with formatting and content differences from the publicly released 1982 version.
Keywords: Atari 400; Atari 800; Atari 8-bit; Operating System; hardware manual
Downloads: 55
[texts]Rainy Day Activities for the Atari (1984)(Reston Publishing Company)

Keywords: type; program; press; disk; atari; rainy; activities; joystick; score; player; rainy day; day activities; day score; red button; tally sheet; press red; system reset; number games; letter games; player typed
Downloads: 80
[texts]Inside Atari BASIC (1982)(Reston Publishing Company)

Keywords: print; color; graphics; return; goto; setcolor; poke; program; computer; colors; return return; text window; hello hello; return key; graphics modes; graphics mode; inverse video; atari computer; atari basic; boot error
Downloads: 104
[texts]Atari BASIC XL Edition (1985)(John Wiley & Sons)

Keywords: atari; color; program; computer; screen; edition; graphics; goto; press; data; zappy artist; color register; atari key; subscripted variables; atari basic; delay subroutine; number boxes; atascii code; time delay; data data
Downloads: 123
[texts]Electronic Computer Projects for Commodore and Atari Soori Sivakumaran
Electronic Computer Projects for Commodore and Atari Soori Sivakumaran
Keywords: print; program; wire; pin; poke; data; commodore; logic; light; control port; light sensor; rem set; light pen; electronic switch; digital light; data lines; rem check; copper wire; set data
Downloads: 164
[texts]Atari for the Beginning Beginner
Atari for the Beginning Beginner
Keywords: computer; program; atari; print; press; plot; graphics; return; color; type; atari computer; disk drive; graphics mode; program recorder; cartridge door; type plot; memory unit; memo pad; language cartridge; high level
Downloads: 74
[texts]COMPUTE's First Book of Atari (1981)(Small System Services)

Keywords: program; atari; print; color; poke; basic; variable; graphics; atari basic; goto; graphics modes; string variable; machine language; graphics mode; programming hints; color register; horizontal position; personal computer; variable names
Downloads: 96
[texts]Atari Software Protection Techniques (1983)(Alpha Systems)

Keywords: program; software; disk; sectors; programs; technique; sector; protection; bad sectors; copy; software producers; protection methods; software protection; bad sector; protection techniques; alpha systems; disk drive; misassigned sectors; machine language
Downloads: 94
[texts]Compu Atari
Compu Atari
Keywords: para; los; del; una; con; las; atari; como; programa; por; compu atari; todos los; con los; numero del; los sectores; los caracteres; rem save; todas las; del sector; una tecla
Downloads: 100
[texts]The Home Accountant User Guide
The Home Accountant User Guide
Keywords: accountant; transactions; enter; checkbook; screen; budget; category; menu; data; disk; main menu; budget categories; data disk; enter selection; credit card; select option; automatic transactions; tim sample; printed reports; cash account
Downloads: 85
[texts]Things to do with your Atari Computer (1983)(dilithium Press)

Keywords: atari; computer; program; programs; software; graphics; disk; games; game; color; atari computer; word processing; atari computers; color graphics; atari program; personal computer; program exchange; dot matrix; disk drive; sound effects
Downloads: 67
[texts]COMPUTE's Atari Collection Vol 2 (1985)(COMPUTE! Publications)

Keywords: data; poke; goto; gosub; color; graphics; return; program; data data; chapter; data dictionary; tion tion; return return; posi posi; machine language; net worth; poke scr; poke poke; basic program
Downloads: 207
[texts]Users Handbook to the Atari
Users Handbook to the Atari
Keywords: atari; statement; program; color; graphics; data; disk; file; character; basic; atari basic; open statement; graphics mode; graphics modes; disk drive; color register; reference guide; basic reference; print statement; color statement
Downloads: 77
[texts]COMPUTE's First Book of Atari Graphics (1982)(Small System Services)

Keywords: graphics; color; poke; data; atari; screen; character; mode; data data; modes; graphics techniques; advanced graphics; graphics modes; graphics mode; display list; character sets; character set; machine language; character graphics
Downloads: 123
[texts]Action Toolkit

Keywords: proc; array; routines; toolkit; real; routine; allows; procedure; data; pointer; routine allows; real pointer; procedure allows; horizontal position; vertical position; byte array; real variable; real number; toolkit ver; single character
Downloads: 202
[texts]Atari Fun and Games (1985)(TAB Books)

Keywords: computer; variable; character; player; subroutine; key; checks; position; character set; screen; tab books; question mark; assembly language; start key; language subroutine; return key; loop continues; computer returns; delete key
Downloads: 139
[texts]The Atari 600XL Program Book
The Atari 600XL Program Book
Keywords: data; print; poke; plot; return; goto; gosub; color; position; programming hints; rem draw; data data; rem player; return rem; rem read; machine code; sound sound; rem hit; rem move
Downloads: 94
[texts]Computers for Kids (1981)(Creative Computing)

Keywords: print; program; computer; color; programs; plot; disk; graphics; diskette; screen; sample programs; print statements; disk drive; cassette recorder; graphics programs; set color; graphics program; cassette tape; memory space; hello hello
Downloads: 71
[texts]Supra Microport-XL for Atari manual
Supra Microport-XL for Atari manual
Keywords: ttj; tfl; tft; trt; flj; ffl; ooooo; ftj; tfi; iii; watt resistor; general purpose
Downloads: 72
[texts]The Easy Guide to Your Atari 600XL 800XL
The Easy Guide to Your Atari 600XL 800XL
Keywords: computer; atari; program; color; graphics; programs; die; disk; print; type; easy guide; disk drive; program recorder; atari computers; atari computer; die computer; inner loop; statement number; graphics mode; advanced graphics
Downloads: 67
[texts]Your Atari Comes Alive (1982)(Alpha Systems)

Keywords: data; pins; pin; display; voltage; joystick; computer; program; chapter; light; display list; light pen; machine language; joystick ports; antic chip; display memory; data selector; basic program; female socket; shift register
Downloads: 172
[texts]Atari Assembly Language Programmers Guide (1984)(Weber Systems)

Keywords: poke; atari; display; memory; graphics; color; language; program; assembly language; data; atari graphics; character set; atari assembly; vertical blank; display list; language listing; screen memory; machine language; language programming
Downloads: 153
[texts]Hackerbook for your Atari Computer (1983)(Enrich)

Keywords: lda; sta; equ; jsr; program; rts; atari; buffer; dfb; epz; lda sta; sta lda; bmi cerr; jsr print; jsr cio; bootable program; sta porta; jsr scrout; sta pactl; print dfb
Downloads: 171
[texts]Musical Atari, The (1984)(Datamost)

Keywords: sound; program; data; atari; note; notes; player; music; voice; voice player; laura goodfriend; rights reserved; data statements; player program; sound command; data table; keyboard organ; disk drive; sound effects
Downloads: 74
[texts]Computer Playground on the Atari (1984)(Datamost)

Keywords: print; program; computer; input; color; cursor; atari; goto; enter; dim; press return; cursor controls; print print; upper left; code number; program stops; code numbers; computer prints; color code
Downloads: 57
[texts]Programmers s Reference Guide for the Atari 400 800 Computers
Programmers s Reference Guide for the Atari 400 800 Computers
Keywords: row; color; atari; screen; basic; program; code; character; ram; atari basic; control block; character set; assembly language; status register; color register; dec hex; color registers; screen ram; set code
Downloads: 143
[texts]Atari Experience, The (1983)(Datamost)

Keywords: print; input; goto; trap; programs; dim; count; program; user input; rem user; file named; rem pattern; print print; option goto; return key; rem print; rem create; rem instructions
Downloads: 60
[texts]Tricky Tutorial 7 Disk Utilities (1982)(Educational Software)

Keywords: goto; program; file; disk; menu; poke; dos; diskette; option; drive number; menu program; disk drive; basic program; disk directory; educational software; press start; press return; data file; tutorial diskette
Downloads: 69
[texts]Best Atari Software, The (1983)(Publications International)

Keywords: user; program; disk; group; quality; printed; ratings; graphics; instructions; game; joystick price; gram recorder; user group; days user; printed instructions; optional price; printer optional; instructions graphics; group ratings; arcade games
Downloads: 81
[texts]Atari Calculator Manual

Keywords: stp; program; enter; memory; square; cubic; display; location; programming; stack; type comments; program counter; memory location; stack display; programming instructions; scroll area; screen display; address location; stp stp; type stack
Downloads: 348
[texts]Atari - The BOOK - Guide to Electronic Game Operation & Servicing - Atari
This book was written by Atari in 1980 specifically to teach people who had bought their arcade games how to repair them. As you might expect, The Book assumes that you have little to no knowledge about electronics so it’s great for beginners. (Description from arcaderepairtips.com)
Keywords: atari; arcade games; arcade repair; electronics; pcb; electronics repair; game servicing; game operation
Downloads: 73
[texts]De Re Atari (1982)(Atari)

Keywords: color; display; program; mode; atari; ram; byte; screen; bytes; graphics; serial bus; floating point; display list; character set; operating system; assembly language; disk handler; vertical blank; color register; color registers
Downloads: 159
[texts]Atari 800XL Field Service Manual
Atari 800XL Field Service Manual
Keywords: pin; manual; data; bus; antic; rom; computer; cpu; field; atari; service manual; field service; pin assignments; computer field; sooxl computer; power supply; data bus; address bus; replace defective; parts list
Downloads: 213
[texts]Atari for Kids from 8 to 80 (1984)(Howard W. Sams & Co)

Keywords: print; program; graphics; color; display; press; goto; computer; mode; input; disk drive; random number; graphics mode; graphics modes; text window; lower case; upper case; string variable; graphics window; fun time
Downloads: 89
[texts]Understanding Atari Graphics (1982)(Alfred Publishing)

Keywords: color; graphics; mode; pixel; modes; atari; colors; pixels; cursor; color register; graphics modes; default colors; color registers; text window; atari basic; text modes; atascii code; atascii character; produce character
Downloads: 101
Keywords: ramrod; motherboard; remove; osn; lbe; baud; socket; operating; keyboard; shield; baud rate; operating system; point routines; operating systems; floating point; screws holding; newell industries; keyboard cable
Downloads: 64
[texts]Your Atari Comes Alive
Your Atari Comes Alive
Keywords: data; pins; pin; display; voltage; joystick; computer; program; chapter; light; display list; light pen; machine language; joystick ports; antic chip; display memory; data selector; basic program; female socket; shift register
Downloads: 77
[texts]Itty Bitty Bytes of Space (1984)(Reston Publishing Company)

Keywords: print; prints; goto; color; program; graphics; setcolor; data; computer; clears; bitty bytes; itty bitty; text window; claire bailey; ascii code; creative pastimes; string variables; reston publishing; reston computer; number larger
Downloads: 56
[texts]I Speak BASIC to my Atari (1983)(Hayden Book Company)

Keywords: print; program; atari; plot; input; type; data; computer; press; goto; press ireturn; key word; aubrey aubrey; scientific notation; disk drive; random number; delete backs; main program; input statements; video display
Downloads: 114
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